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Feedback from those who have found freedom through Redemption Counselling

“Entire families can find themselves in a very dark and helpless place when a loved one suffers with a destructive addiction. It’s okay to ask for help when you’re completely overwhelmed. The staff at Redemption Counselling provided us with the caring and qualified support we all desperately needed to cope and manage our own wellness while continuing to encourage positive change with our loved one. Transformation and recovery is also a process but amazing things can happen when you create space for faith and hope and give it to God …”

“I have been to a lot of counsellors over the years but never felt seen. At Redemption Counselling not only am I seen, but I am met with love from the second I walk through the doors. I get to unload my turmoil and learn where God was at work from the moment I was born. I’ve learned to see my worth through God and where He held me during the pain. Redemption Counselling was the best choice I have ever made on the path to healing.”

"I have always struggled to find purpose in the pain, beauty in the chaos, and deep peace. Working with Redemption Counselling has changed my life and continues to, over and over again.  I’ve started unpacking the trauma in my life - getting help to see where Jesus held me and walked with me. Redemption Counselling has allowed me to see that I have never been and will never be alone."

"My counsellor was tender hearted but firm and objective. He showed me both the heart of Christ and the intelligence of God’s Word as it applied to my situation, bringing the Gospel right into the centre of what was going on. I felt heard, affirmed, and encouraged every time."

"Redemption Counselling has provided a vital outlet for my family.  Applying scripture and prayer to life's problems on a regular basis is indispensable."

Redemption Counselling has been such a blessing to our family, working both with children and adults. Our family has grown stronger, closer and have found healing through the help of those that follow God's leading. Here you can feel seen, heard, loved, appreciated and encouraged without any judgement.

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